Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rant: Apple iPhone

This is not a rant about iPhone 4 features. The newest of Apple's mobile gadgetry arsenal is looking good and up to form (well, to Apple's standards), but their notoriously famous marketing scheme just gets old. I understand... you're probably thinking What's wrong with it--why fix (change) something that isn't broken (failing)?

Not that I want one, but why does Apple always make sure there are never enough iPhones available at launch? How about delaying the date some so that manufacturing can produce enough to be available to have a chance at meeting the high demand you know you'll have on pre-orders?

Quit faking the "Oh look at me! We're selling out day one! Demand is so high on our new product because it's awesome!" act. It's not cute. Or admirable. Or endearing. It makes me lose more and more respect for you each June. Many of us know enough about supply and demand to know that you're going about creating buzz all wrong...the dishonest way.

Get your act together now for next summer's release and show the world you know what you're doing. Please. And if not for me, at least for all your hundreds of thousands of Apple fanboys who would probably fight to the death in your honor.

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