Thursday, July 29, 2010

And these are what make man great…

So the weekend is fast approaching and I’m pretty stoked. Yes, I’m incorporating surfer lingo! That’s how stoked I am! My broseph is coming to town (sorta) for his 24th birthday (sorta) and that’s always exciting. I’ve got plans to experiment in the kitchen tomorrow night. I make my FINAL credit card payment Friday...yes, I'll be DEBT-free!!?! A mid-range run slated for either early Saturday or Sunday morning. Hoping for some pool time Saturday with friends (they don’t know it yet, but I’m already creating plans for them!) and then catching a Oswalt-less ‘stros game that night. Sunday will be spent relaxing to the fullest. The weather is supposed to be pretty hot, but I’m pretty good at working around (or with) that. Mostly, I’m excited for the kitchen experiment tomorrow night, but I’ll post more about that in the upcoming weeks!

I got in a schweddy, schweddy run tonight. Geez it was humid. Only in the mid-80s but I think it rained a bit up here before I got started. It’s amazing how much water-weight I carry, just sloshing around in my inner-tube region mainly, because I sweat a lot on my runs in Houston. I’ll spare you details for fear you haven’t had dinner yet and I might spoil it. But I had a great run, just because there was no sun beating down on me and it wasn’t 90+ degrees. That and Mumford & Sons kept me mellow and even keel.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of listening to these English lads’ debut album Sigh No More, get out there and try it. You can buy the mp3 version on Amazon for $5. Five jorge’s people! I don’t really know how to describe them other than it’s just acoustic, mandolin, banjo, accordion, and dobro. What’s a dobro? Click on the word dobro and you can see for yourself. I honestly have never seen one of these, so I’m not gonna act like a know-it-all! Very, very good stuff though. I don’t think their songs classify as one, but each one reminds me of a fairly lengthy ascending crescendo: starts off slowish and soft and gradually gets faster and a bit louder and more awesomer. Now you’re wondering how I could possibly run to this? Well, I was just in the mood. That’s all I can say! The song (not on the radio here in the H, but is on the radio in the ATX) they’re known for is Little Lion Man and I love it. But these, my friends, are the reasons I love the group:

White Blank Page

After The Storm

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