Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's get it started!

My name is David and I'm a mid-twenties runner.  I've completed two halfsies, with hopes of some day manning-up and doing a full marathon.  I've done more 5k, 5mile, and 10k's than I can keep track of.  (Oops! Already ending a sentence with a preposition in the first blog post? Yikes... I can picture my junior high English teacher slapping me on the wrist with a ruler!)  I enjoy working out at the gym to improve my gun-show.  I also have hopes for one day being able to save money on washing machines via my dormant washboard stomach.  I love to travel and I love music.  This blog will encompass my thoughts on it all!

My running background goes a little something like this: I was a typical teenager in high school athletics...I only ever ran for basketball conditioning or because I was being punished for some guy not making all 5 free throws in practice.  Running was immediately molded into an activity 'for the birds' and not something I wanted to do for recreation/health.

It wasn't until mid-way through college (TAMU-CC alum represent!) where I would take a break from my gym workouts by taking short jogs around the island that was our campus.  Running free, at my own speed, on my own time, to great music, with no one yelling at me to hurry up?  Heaven. The stresses of college tests and thick-accented Egyptian professors melted away as I slipped into la-la-land.  This quickly became my favorite part of the day...my zone-out period.  It was like a drug!  Only cheaper, and legal.

The runner's high you get can only be described as transforming.  The realization you just did what so many can't, what so many won't....amazing.  You have to cherish it...you never know when tragedy strikes and you can't do it anymore.  Or worse yet, your life ends.  If you could look back down on your earthly body as you pass, would you be disappointed in the way you lived this life?  That you didn't do nearly as much as you could have?  Don't wait.

This leads into a huge theme for my life: no regrets.  I don't want to look back on life wishing I'd done something when I'd had a (better) chance at it.  Why wait until you're 60 to realize you're unhealthy and decide you should start working out or eating healthy?  Why wait until you're retired to travel the world?  Why wait until you have kids to go to Chuck E. Cheese's?  Why wait until next time to ask that cute girl out?  If it's the right thing, start doing the right thing now.  If it looks like fun, start having fun now!

A good friend of mine would always say "I'll let future (insert name here) worry about that!" in a joking manner.  Even though it was masked in lightheartedness, the truth was still there.  Now I'm not saying go crazy like this and rack up debt in the process (lesson learned!) or drop all responsibilities as an adult, but yes...go have some fun!  Because after all, what's life for?  I don't think it's a coincidence a higher power gave us so many options.  We're meant to make the most of this life!

Now for my disclaimer as I try to wrap this inaugural post up, as two writers once put it, "all that I'm after is a life full of laughter."  Yes, sometimes corniness will prevail on this blog.  I love sharing what makes me laugh and what entertains me.  I fully realize I have a fairly odd sense of humor that's hit or miss with most people, but I always have high hopes that it can make someone else laugh too!  This is my first crack at expressing myself digitally via the blogosphere, so this thing may get interesting...or it may crash and burn. These posts are my rants and raves, my advice and reviews, and my collection of he said/she said's.  I promise to make it awesome.

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  1. --a toast (the first) to your rant and rave,
    May your feet and words be limber in your journeys.
    Thanks for thinking about us folks not part of the FB community!