Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give us a change we can actually believe in

Sometimes people like to annoy people, just for shear enjoyment. Sometimes government agencies join in on this bonanza of head-messing in order to make their boring government jobs a little more interesting. The Texas government approved a new drivers license last April (in secrecy apparently, as I’ve not heard of anyone who has this) and it’s umm…different. I recently moved to another part of Houston and so by law I had to get a new ID. This is what I got in the mail today:

What I think is funny, is that they’ve got what looks to be the Austin skyline along the top and in the top right it says “USA TX” in case you forget where the state of Texas is located. What if you’re a hardcore Texas A&M Aggie? I guess that’s a dumb question—all Aggies are hardcore Aggies. And hardcore Aggies hate UT, burnt orange, Bevo, and the city of Austin (for the most part). I’m sure these hardcore Aggies are not going to be happy with this new background scenery. A UT alumni definitely had something to do with this!


Something else funny…not sure what END means on your license, but if you have brown eyes you get a ‘NONE BRO’ in huge letters on your ID! On past ID’s, END was always left blank. Another new feature is on the chin of your mug shot is your birthday embossed in a mmddyy format. A feature Texas has retained is the missing dot on the first i of “Directive” on the back of the card. I find all this stuff interesting because I used to be a door guy for a local bar in Rice Village. Catching fake ID’s and real ID’s in the hands of minors was always a fun part of the night because we rarely had kids wanting to come into das bierhaus. We had no liquor, only hundreds of over-priced beers from all over the world. Most kids don’t want expensive non-light beer…they want shots!

I like change, when it’s for the better. I don’t like change for change-sake. The old one was classic Texas; the new one doesn’t even have the Texas flag on it! I mean c’mon…Texans love that flag. How many other states have flags as large as Texas’ flags? Some of the ones you see waving over car dealerships in this great state are bigger than you and your neighbor’s house put together! We take pride in being Texans, so put our flag back on the ID! Somewhere. Anywhere. Please! Thanks a mil.

texas flag

So if you see me on the trails and ask me how much I like the new Texas ID, I’d just give a simple “None, bro.”

Got in a quick little 3-miler this evening after my abs workout in preparation for this weekend’s Stride4Stroke 5k. This race will just be for fun so I’m not too worried about being ready for it.


The name of the team I’m on is NICU to the Rescue (made up of mostly nurses! yesssssss!) and if you’d like to donate to the cause you can do so here. We’re having a cape-designing party tomorrow night so that we can dress up as super heroes Saturday morning! I can’t wait!

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