Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s hard to argue when you won’t stop making sense – Volume 1

Sometimes I over-analyze things. Sometimes I’m just left with a misunderstanding. Sometimes it leaves me thinking, “What. Were. They. Thinking?” This is the first of a mini-series of completely random things that make me go “hmmm…” in no particular ranking or order.


One of the most famous companies in the world got their start making soles for shoes with a waffle iron. That company started out as Blue Ribbon Sports, but then changed to an oddly-pronounced “Nike.” Why is it pronounced ni-KEE? So weird. Nike is actually the Greek goddess of victory…kinda awesome I think. So in the end, Nike (the shoe/clothing company) had no say in how it was pronounced or spelled! Blame it on the ancestry of those that inhabit the debt-ridden peninsula in Europe.

this video has nothing to do with my rant, I just love it
Octopi have what?

So a while back I read an article about octopi and how marine biologists are still studying them for all sorts of reasons. I would’ve figured they’d moved on to something more interesting, like figuring out how to make huge tanks more affordable for the average consumer so I can own a sweet family of octopi. The scientists discovery? These guys have elbows. What. The year before, UC-Berkeley students recorded a Indonesian octopus that could run! What. That’s awesome! But really? Let’s get some cancer knocked out first and then we can put your scientific minds back to discovering something else useless.

Kings of Leon’s “Soft”

The talented but polarizing brothers from Nashville have a song on their 2005 release Aha Shake Heartbreak called “Soft” that’s an eyebrow raiser. The chorus is so blatantly obvious that you can’t help but laugh like a teenage boy when you listen to the song. (Warning: do not click this link to the lyrics if you’re easily offended!) Sure—lots of bands write sexually explicit songs, but the father of these guys is a Pentecostal preacher! Awkward… What would drive Caleb to do this? What are his evangelistic dad’s thoughts? Talk about a rebellious preacher’s child!

Kings of Leon 
Leather name belts

This needs no further explanation. Every time I see these belts I crack up. What goes through these guys heads when they buy these custom-designed belts? “Yeah, that them there looks like ah mighty fine tooled belt! Wait, let me get ‘er to slap a ‘Bubba’ on there too! Hope they can have it done by tonight so I can git ‘er done at Billy Bob’s!” Why? This one really just hurts my brain to think about…

leather name belt

…more hmmm’s to come soon!

So my running has been slacking lately. I think I only got in 8 miles last week leading up to Saturday’s 5k in the Texas Medical Center area with the lovely and multi-talented Ashley (of NICU to the Rescue fame). We rocked a pretty decent pace, doing our part to fight colon cancer! They had a six-foot tall colon play-tube that you could run through and touch polyps and other colonic issues! So freakin’ awesome! (Small tangent: Speaking of colonics, you guys should watch Bored to Death on HBO with Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson! For some reason, the guys love to talk about (and get) colonics…hilariously dry-humor type stuff, but hilarious nonetheless!) I ran a nice-and-easy 5-miler this evening after the horribly-officiated Duke-Baylor game. The weather was beautiful, but I’d much rather run in cooler temperatures! Guess I’ve got to get up a little earlier now to hit the trails or move to colder climate!

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